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Your Pocket Nurse

Providing General Health, Wellness and Travel Advice

A Bit About Me

I have been a nurse for over 10 years now.  Married to the army I have moved around quite a bit so have ended up with a fairly broad amount of nursing knowledge. I have worked in both primary and secondary care, doing stints with the NHS, Military and on Cruise Ships. I have done some pretty random things in my time, including running a laser clinic, renovating a house, volunteering for the army cadets and working on the ships. I hope my kid will grow up not being afraid of trying new things and having adventures. 


My articles and the inspiration for them, mostly come from my experience working in primary care settings. I have learnt over the years that many people are unsure how to manage and self-treat even the most common viruses such as the common cold, often preferring to seek GP advice or even present to A&E.  I hope I can provide some common sense advice to help people to feel more empowered to self-manage their symptoms and to recognise at what point is it necessary to seek further medical advice.

I have a passion for health and fitness, and I like to think, a fairly decent amount of knowledge on the subject.  Although I admit to not having the healthiest of diets due my love of Martini and chocolate, I have managed to lose nearly 4 stone and maintain that loss for the past few years.  I have discovered a love of exercise which I never would have thought possible. I get massively frustrated by terrible advice that I see being dished out on social media, and the people pushing unnecessary and often dangerous supplements and diet pills.  I hope I can offer some common sense, insight and tips to help others to succeed in their goals and show people that it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems online.

When I’m not nursing, mumming, wife-ing or exercising, I enjoy playing golf, reading and admit to enjoying the odd computer game. I love to travel either with work or as a family and love meeting and working with people from other cultures.  

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